Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to deal with anxiety

Yes I am terrified. Why? I was to anxious with statistics. Luckily, I found this book and I would like to share on how to deal with anxiety. 

1.) Record your feeling.
Human being is an emotional being. Our feelings change daily. We should know what we feel and use tools to encounter those feelings. Say for example, you fell lazy. By looking at any written message thoughts you have recorded it may change you.

2.) Describe the activating event or experience.
I always say to my archer, what trigger you to be confident. Some might say, looking at the love one. Looking at medal won etc etc. So, relate to overcoming the anxiety, we should know what trigger these feeling. 

3.) Identify your irrational beliefs.
Ok, this is a little bit tricky. When you feel anxious, scared or any negative feeling, what did you say to yourself. For example, looking at NVIVO or SPSS output with all the words, numbers and what not.... One might say, argghh I will never figure out how to interpret it. So, if you encounter it, Jot it down...

4.) Challenge each of the beliefs you have identified
Here is where the evil on your left meet the angel on your right, like in the cartoon. For instance, I'll never be good in stats. Challenge it, by asking yourself, have you put enough time to study it? 

5.) Once you have identified and challenged it, now replace it with positive tone
Change from I hate stats to I need stats and I will practice it until I become good in it.

6.) Do rational-emotive imagery
Most belief is irrational and it is just in your head. If you make it routine to removes it, your might turn your live 360. Kranzler (2011), suggested that we should master two types of imagery, Mastery and coping. Mastery imagery is to imagine how positive feeling can lead to positive outcome. In the other hand, Coping imagery is vice versa. Personally, it is way to say to yourself, don't be lazy, and PRACTICE!!!

7.) Practice.
Yep! it is no point to read and let it go. Start having a note book or a Notes apps.

until next time. Have a good journey...