Sunday, March 20, 2011

PBL 2 AIS 630

Please state your general comment on PBL 2. Thanks


  1. assalamualaikum... i am very glade and Alhamdulillah my group had finished up the pbl2... why? it is because i am having no time to make it as perfect as En Azmi needed because we have a lot of test on that time but we as a group still having good arrangement on delegation of works... so hard work had been made by us to finished it up... this pbl2 is more challenged because most of the questions is more difficult than pbl1... so i am hoping i will get more time to do the last pbl which is pbl3... btw i and my group will do the best next an this is because i have been born this way...

  2. assalamualaikum..
    regarding to my recent pbl session that has just been completed,i am very satisfy with the overall performance of myself and my group too..we work very hard to finished it and our work organization also has improved..relating to our presentation,i feel that we have done our best as a group to complement each other and as an individual,i feel that i have improved a lot on my presentation skill,no more extreme nervousness and reading on the note..this pbl session also has enabled me to understand more on the method to answer such technical question and i am glad we have done it..

  3. Assalamualaikum...
    for PBL 2 i have done my work group and the presentation.. hehe.. actually very nervous in the presentation session.. but i manage to done it well..

    during the completion of the assignment, i have problem at question no. 5... after some explanation from my classmate i can understand a little how to answer the question..

    for the data flow diagram question, i manage to complete it but only half from it is correct.. but i able to get the correct answer from class..

    overall for this PBL session 2 is more difficult compare to session 1..

    thanx to en.azmi and all my friends who give support to completed this PBL..

  4. alhamdulillah... i am very grateful to Allah because me n my group members have done our PBL session 2. although i'm not involved with the presentation, but i know that my group members have done their best in presenting the PBL..congratulations to noor fadilah othman n norhidayah hamzah...u gurls did it in your own way!!
    PBL 2 questions is quite challenging and difficult but me n my group members managed to discuss and given the best answer to the questions given..i'm hoping that our group will be the best group ever:)

  5. Assalamualaikum...
    last week our group has done the presentation for pbl 2... honestly, i'm not realy prepared well for that presentation... but alhamdulillah coz i feel that i still can delivered my information well... i'm able to present with confident...

    from this pbl session, i think it is not really tough if we understand what been required by the question. n of coz i have a lil bit problem on Q1&4.. after a brief briefing form en.azmi, i'm manage to understand it...

    overall this pbl is straight forward n chalenging to be performed.

    thank to my beloved lecturer and all my frenz for their cooperation n support.

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  7. salam to En Azmi yang sgt di sayangi... =)

    every single task of PBL that given by you en azmi, i had realized that i am very weak in data flow diagram part.. ( what im expected the answer is not tally with the real requirement answer scheme)

    but, after the full briefing by en azmi relating with the simple picture given, i can anlyze the situation better then.. =) thanx en azmi...

    what can i say in doing the PBL session are i can close with the technology time to time. meant that i could find the information from the internet and luckily i can found the extra knowledge other the scope of PBL.

    doing the assignment in team is actually very tough job because there are many tiny problem may interrupt the settlement of the assigment. but by the way, we can handle that smootrhly as understanding among the group member.. =)

    in a nutshell.. i hope this last PBL can give me a very good mark! k en azmi?!! hehehe we have try our best for AIS 630.. =)

  8. Alhamdulillah...we already finished our presentation on PBL session 2. i think that my group have done a great job during the meeting and good as a team work. hopefully, Encik Azmi can see our effort and satisfied as he needs. as before, nothing problems happened during our meeting.but next time we will improve our work to be the best among the others. tq

  9. Alhamdulillah to the great extent of the accomplished task of PBL 2(AIS 630) and once again the possibilities of information gathered simultaneously among the members Muhamad Firdaus and Muhammad Najib in which the best cooperation given.
    I was blessed to have Encik Azmi in assisting and completing the assignment delegated and it's require the deeper constructive of previous understanding from the PBL session 1.
    Additional knowledge will be the best outcomes within this time frame of PBL Session 2.

  10. assalamualaikum...
    regarding to my PBL 2, i think during the completion of PBL 2, i have some problem to answer the question. especially question no 5. it look easy but how to answer it properly?? therefore, i try to figure out myself and bring that idea on my own. i just do it what i think its logic for the answer. about question no 6 and 7, i manage to complete it even though there is some mistake in labeling. for me, this PBL is more difficult than PBL 1 because there is a lot of KBKK which i have to figure it out myself. overall this question is so challenging me in finding the answer. thanks to all my friends (especially my group) for helping me doing PBL 2 and also thanks to my lecturer En. Azmi Nias Ahmad for helping me understand the question. finally, i'm glad that i have finish the project.. :) ~

  11. Salam 1Malaysia,

    From my general PBL session 2 knowlegde,this event straight forward and it easy to understand because the question is more to general knowledge and your understanding about the study case.The problem base learning session 2 required us to give opinion regarding event happen and have to the problem given with the relevant answers.After finalised the discussion with our team members, we can said that we understand what the questions needed especially the questions on data flow need diagram.

    Thank you

  12. assalamualaikum...
    alhamdulilah...pbl 2 have been done. after work hard in complete this pbl question finally i finish it. overally the queation is straight forward and more challenging.
    i noticed that i need to improve in data flow diagram part. so that i must studt more in this topic....

  13. after the last meeting of PBL session 2, i more understand about the problem. thanks to all my friends who present it clearly and of course my lec, en Azmi bcz of his explaination.

  14. Assalamualaikum...
    First at all, alhamdulillah because we already finished our PBL session 2. Thanks to my team members for your cooperation. For me, the questions in the PBL session 2 is harder than session 1. I think our presentation also is not good enough but we try our best. We hope we will be more better in the PBL Ssssion 3. I also try to improve my presentation skill and try to avoid to read the notes. Last but not least, thanks to En. Azmi for guidance us in preparing report for PBL.

  15. assalamualaikum
    well pbl session 2 already done,regarding our pbl 2...the question is simple but it need me to think about the answer very carefully.we all have tried ou best during the presentation and hope for the next presentation we will be more prepared.
    and thanks to all my group because give all their best.

  16. Assalamualaikum...
    urmmmmmmm...Alhamdulilah and im glad for having done my PBL 2 last week...Im very thankful to Allah because make it easy..A GREAT thank to En.azmi that always guide and help us in any matter regarding this PBL....Also a very thank to my members, Norshazwani and Nor Fadilah because both of them are supportive and im very proud for being their group member...As overall, PBL 2 is more complicated compared to PBL 1 and we can't depend only on manual and text,I learn a lot in seeking information from other sources..Beside,it improves my skill in answering the question that more focus in general knowledge.....

  17. alhamdulillah.....we done PBL 2....thnks to en.azmi because give guide to us to answer that question and also to my group members,nor shazwani and norhidayah because give 100% commitment to settle PBL 2....i think question in PBL 2 is straight forward and more challenging....what ever it is,we had answered that question for our very best:)

  18. Hello everybody, hi, alhamdulillah syukur i've already finish up PBL 2.. now i've gain a lot of knowledge about it, what i dont know before and now i've knew it!! Ooo yeah!!
    And not to forget to all my teammates, ya all r da best yawW!! keep it up man, we all know that we r da best among da best! yeaHH man!

  19. good night en azmi..
    fuhh..finally pbl 2 can be done even i have a lot of assigment to be completed last week..thank to en azmi coz ur explanation that can make me more understand what pbl 2 required..

    even i can't totally understand pbl 2 at lease i can get a little bit about information regarding computer software so i can assist my company in future

    thank to all my friend 4 ur commitment

  20. Salam..Good evening...I'M glad that i and my group had finish our pbl 2...I am very upset because i still cannot improved my presentation yet..So i will try my best for our group to perform well in the 3rd pbl and the last pbl...It is my last presentation in AIS 630 so i will make better in the last presentation...Overall in my class , they are perform well and i can understand what have their tried to present.I would like to thanks to En azmi for his guidance and the comments that he had give to support me and my class tro perform for the next presentation.,...GOOD LUCK TO ALL

  21. assalamualaikum...
    thanks to en.azmi for his support and the guidance he give to all of us...pbl 2 more difficult than pbl 1...but thanks to all my members that give full commitment towards pbl2..although our 1st report rejected but together we do our best for the pbl 2..

  22. assalammualaikum....

    alhamdulillah pbl session 2 is more easy to understand and easy to give the answer...eventhough it has 1 question i did not know but after debriefing today that question i already understand it...thanks a lot to en.azmi because give the answer in a simple ways and make me more understand...all the group member are give all the full commitment until the report we make done on the perfect time....i more like in pbl session2 because the question is straigth forward and easy to answer...hopefully all member will get A+ in this subject...amin....

  23. Assalamualaikum.......

    Alhamdullillah we are finish our pbl session 2 presentation last week. our group has done better presentation than session 1. I'm very happy because I give more effort in the PBL session 2. PBL session 2 is more about prepare a data flow diagram. its is complicated but thanks to our lecturer because he understand me more that we have a problem in prepare the the true DFD. I'm happy because I not reading in my presentation.... thanks to my group hafiza, nazliah and zawil.....

  24. salam....

    finally our group already done with pbl session2....1st time present without looking at note and at the same time our group is the 1st presenter..n im so nervous...but i have tried my best..alhamdulillah...
    regarding pbl ssion quite weak with data flow chart...but i will keep improve on it..insyaAllah

  25. assalamualaikum
    alhamdulillah SUNSHINE has presented our pbl 2 presentation and report...from this session,we have learned the acquisition options that available to enhance system development..thanks to en azmi,my group member..anem and husna...thanks a lot for your support..
    may Allah bless you guys...=)

  26. alhamdulillah... my group already present pbl 2..
    pbl session 2 more challenging. then thanks to my group member, nana, farah .and najibah because give full commitment to this pbl.
    we try our best to deliver the answers..
    thank you to everyone...

  27. we have forward another step further and hoping this PBL 2 will giving us a guidance in final exam....i have give my all to escort my group to finish this PBL 2...PBL 2 was cover many chapter in the silibus...waiting for PBL that maybe more challenging ^_^

  28. assalamualaikum..
    in my opinion, PBL session 2 is quite difficult compared to the PBL session 1..but thanks to en. azmi because give the guidance to us and thank you also to the SPARKLING's members because the full commitment..from nothing to something now..alhamdulillah..

  29. alhamdulillah...pbl session 2 is done...& i think that i am trying my best to do the pbl & i give full effort & commitment in this pbl..
    actually, i am not very understand the flowchart whether it is context data flow or intermediate data flow diagram..
    em...for me, it is difficult to understand the flow, how to interpret the phases into the data flow...
    & my 2nd problem is, actually when i am doing this pbl, i am not very understand the question 1... it is a critical thinking question.but finally,i got the solution when you are explain with detail and also got support from the group members which is very useful..
    i got something that very useful as my knowledge..
    thanx to all...

  30. alhamdulillah..already done presentation pbl session 2...sunshine do very well when doing the report..when make the presentation, we manage to finished it early because we have to do a small portion from the question.. thanks to en.azmi for your guidance... (^_^)

  31. assalamualaikum,
    alhamdullillah coz have done the PBL 2 session...thanx for all the guidance en.azmi...
    erm, i think my presentation for PBL 2 is more better than present wid my own words and not just read the point in the slide...thats all...tq :)

  32. assalmualiakum...alhamdulillah..after the presentation PBL 2,i feel relief because of my improvement in my presentation compare to PBL 1. However, all this can not be done with help from my group members Arif Helmi and Asyikin.Not forget to my beloved and sporting lecturer, En Azmi Nias who had give a lot of advice in how to give good presentation.
    For the next PBL 3 presentation, i hope i can present better than before..Insyaallah.....Amin..

  33. assalamualaikum.

    alhamdulillah, we've settle our PBL 2.although there a lots of problems come out during the process of completing this pbl,but i really gain something from this pbl are few things that i want highlight about what i get from this pbl:
    1)the cooperation from my group members-superb!!!
    2)plagiarism-now i what that word means.haha=)

    lastly thanks to en azmi.

  34. assalamualaikum,en. azmi..finished the pbl 2..thank to all of my fwen becoz contribute the idea together..this presentation is quite difficult without all of the member's idea n guide from my lecturer..the question is challenging n need to know deepest..i hope,the answered is suitable with ur question..thank 4 contribution..

  35. assalamualaikum w.b.t
    firstly i would like to thank to mr azmi for guiding us to finish pbl session 2 and to all my team mate.. for this pbl session 2, i had present for question 3 which is about 5 step involves in procurement of software package.. i clearly understand what i've present even though still nervous.. but i'll try my best to improve all my weakness..
    thats all for today.. thank you~

  36. alhamdulillah... because PBL 2 already done... a special thanks to en AZMI NIAS for the guidance me and all my classmate regarding report PBL 2.. also a big thanks to all group members of PBL for giving the cooperation and commitment... PBL 2 are more easy to understand after the briefing... finally, thanks for everyone...=)

  37. Dear Sir Azmi Nias Ahmad :)

    Firstly,thank tou Allah coz finally I have done my presentation and report for PBL Session 2. A million thanks to my group's member Farah, Fieza and Najibah. You guys did a good job!!
    For this session I think, I more understand about what Pbl is all about. Data flow diagram?? Erm I need to work hard on that.
    Thank you to Sir Azmi Nias Ahmad for guidance us to the right direction. Sir, you're such a great motivator!!


  38. assalamualaikum.
    alhamdulillah, my group n i,already done with our pbl session 2.we have done our best. actually,from pbl 2, we have learn to explain what we have done to others without looking to the note in our presentation.i think it is good to us because we will totally prepared and understanding about the questions. ;)

  39. PBL2..Alhamdullilah PBL2 done at 14 Feb 2011..everytjing done smoothly..the question no 1&2 in event 2 and event 3 quite difficult...but with guide from encik n work in group..everything had done more easy..

  40. assalamualaikum..
    1st of all, thanks to cik azmi because makes my group more understand about the pbl 2.. and i want to stated here that my group is very helping each other in making this pbl more sucessful. this is because before this our group had been rejected! thanks to all because listening to our presentation! thanks..

  41. alhamdulillah...done PBL 2!!
    After work hard to complete this PBL 2 and to upgrade the answer because En azmi rejected our group solution for PBL 2 finally we have done our PBL 2....hihihi
    Thanks to all my group members to finished PBL 2!!!

  42. salam.
    tq to all my frenz and my lecture en azmi coz explained clearly pbl2. to all my group members of coz thankz to them coz give full cooperation in finished this pbl2.luv u all...hehehehehe

  43. assalamualaikum...
    we already done for pbl session 2..successfully done..hehehe..for this session, i realized that i need to study in detail every single problem..and the important thing is team work..:-)..thanks to all my team members..and also thanks to my beloved lec..cik mi..:-)..other than that ,i'm being more confident during my presentation because cik mi don't give us any chance to see the note anymore...haha

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  45. Salam....Allhamdulillah coz my group had finished up the PBL session 2 but i'm quite dissapointed with my ability to be the good leader amongs my team members....nobody is perfect...actually, i don't understand question no.1....after En.Azmi give some briefing about it and now i can understand what is the relevant answer....opppsss..i'm forgot about the presentation on pbl session 2 that was done at last week and its really awesome because we had to present it without refer to the text....this is can improve our presentation skills and communication skills....

  46. salam...
    after we finish our pbl session 2, i get many thing information about our subject and also related to our life...thanks to en because give us a lot of advice...we are so lucky bacause get to learn with you..i wish you will be success in what are you doing in your life...

  47. thanks lot to all my buddies!!!
    PBL 2 has teach me a way to give an perfect answer for the solution in it... im proud to be EN AZMI students coz he provide us a tool to be a perfectionist..again,
    thanks to EN AZMI and all my teammates!!!!
    PBL 2. i've just fell in love with u...
    to all my buddies..elmi,hisyam n fareed.. thanks lot prenzzz!!!

  48. assalamualaikum....

    Alhamdulilah.. we are already finished PBL 2... thnkzz to my group members that give a full of comitment and cooperation to complete this task... and special thnkzz to En Azmi for the guidance to complete the solution..

  49. alhamdulillah...our group already completed PBL 2 last week...thanx so much to my group members ekin and airie for your commitment and this session, i get more knowledge from my friends and also my beloved lecturer...and thanks to En Azmi for give guidance in complete this tasks..