Sunday, March 20, 2011

PBL 1 AIS 510

Please state your general comment on PBL 1. Thanks


  1. assalamualaikum..
    regarding to my 1st pbl presentation that has just been completed,im satisfy with the overall performance of myself and my group but i think there's something need to be improve such as we need to be more natural during present and trying to not read text.. and we really do our best as a group to give full commitment in finishing the report and presentation. as for individual performance, im still feeling nervous when standing in front of people, and i need to learn more how to cover my nervousness. this PBL session 1 has give us a lot of info how to be a good presenter as well as how to answer all the question and give understanding for us and im glad we have done it. its not perfect but also its not bad. ehhehe. hopefully, we will doing better for next PBL session 2... thats all :)

  2. assalamualaikum......for my ist presentation,my group has finish the 1st presentation for today..
    a little bit nervous when talking in front of many
    people bbut en. azmi said that dont be worry becoz
    all the audience was my friends and we all like in one family..
    en.azmi comment on my group....
    he said that my group performance is good but need more
    improvement after this..n also he said that one of my gropu member
    which is Mohd ZULFAIZ giving a sweet smile during the presentation....
    ahaks....what about my "SMILE" ??? hehe.... long i have do my best in my presentation...
    tq for ur advice n comment en.azmi....=