Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to start your day

Its monday again. We need to wake up and continue our hectics days. I combined ideas from and my own in this mind map. Hope it would be helpful

Real genius

I was told that we are equal. We can become anything that we want. But sometimes we stop trying after a few hiccups. Well, it all depends on our fighting spirit. Some are book smart and some are street smart. When we talk abount intelligence, we are no difference with one another. The thing is we did not know how to fully utillized all these elements of intelligence. This mind map provides some idea on "what you need to be successful"
Credit to : Lifehack

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kangkung fiasco

Pengajaran isu kangkung. Setelah makan di 8 restoran, tiada kedai (100%) yang menurunkan harga walaupun PM kita menyentuh penurunan sayur ini. Persoalannya, siapa salah? Siapa tamak? Kuasa terletak pada kita. Kita perlu bersama-sama gunakan kuasa diraja kita. Bukankah pelanggan itu adalah raja?