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How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching

Please read the comments and kindly add your comments on this topics. Thanks for making this topic my highest hits of all time.

Cheers mate.

Azmi Nias
Perth, Western Australia


  1. Here are some suggestions

    1) Always wear clothes that give you a proper fit. Never go for clothes that are to short, long or tight.
    2) Your clothes should complement you. Select your clothes, keeping in mind your skin and hair color.
    3) You are always noticed by the shoes that you are wearing. Spend sometime while purchasing your shoes. Polish them well before going for the presentation. Do not choose designer shoes for presentation.
    4) Try to use good quality fabrics in your attire as it looks better and last for a longer period of time as it is rightly said “Quality is more important than quantity”
    5) Have a proper hair cut and your hair should be neatly styled.
    6) Belt is not a fashion accessory, it is there to hold up your pants. During presentation gadgets like: Pagers, phones and other digital elements should put aside.
    7) A tie should always be neatly tied and should be in a right place.

  2. 1.Dress up well
    2.Eye contact & must look confident in front of audience
    3.Elebration with example that can atract audience interested...such as create joke

  3. 1) Making Presentations That Audiences Will Love
    2) Use a Template

    * Use a set font and color scheme.

    * Different styles are disconcerting to the audience.

    * You want the audience to focus on what you present, not the way you present.

    3) Fonts

    * Choose a clean font that is easy to read.

    * Roman and Gothic typefaces are easier to read than Script or Old English .

    * Stick with one or two types of fonts.

    4) Font Size

    * Bulleted items should be no smaller than 22 points.

    * The title should be no smaller than 28 points.

    5) Bullets

    * Keep each bullet to one line, two at the most.

    * Limit the number of bullets in a screen to six, four if there is a large title, logo, picture, etc.

    o This is known as “cueing”

    o You want to “cue” the audience in on what you are going to say.

    + Cues can be thought of as a brief “preview.”

    + This gives the audience a “framework” to build upon.

    6) Bullets (con.)

    * If you crowd too much text, the audience will not read it.

    o Too much text makes it look busy and is hard to read.

    o Why should they spend the energy reading it, when you are going to tell them what it says?

    o Our reading speed does not match our listening speed; hence, they confuse instead of reinforcing each other.

    7) Caps and Italics

    * Do not use all capital letters

    o Makes text hard to read

  4. 1. You MUST Look Better Than Everyone Else In The Room: If you remember nothing else from this post, then remember this – great presenters should always dress just a little bit nicer than everyone else who is attending the event. The classic example of this was Ronald Reagan (“the great communicator”) who always stood out because he was always the best dressed person in the room.
    2. Make Sure That Your Clothes Fit Correctly: How many of us wear clothes that are too short, too long, too tight, or even too loose? If you’ll take just a moment and list to what George Zimmerman, the founder of Men’s Wearhouse, says you’ll understand that you are making a mistake. Zimmerman says that the #1 most important decision that you need to make when buying clothes is that they give you a proper fit.
    3. Make Sure Your Clothes Say Nice Things About You: Make sure that you choose clothes that complement you – your skin tone, hair, and your eye color. The key here is to make sure that your clothes complement you, not fight you. Feel free to mix and match – just make sure that they look good together.
    4. Are You Well Heeled?: Assuming that you are not a puppy, it is still important that you pay attention to your shoes. It turns out that people really do notice the shoes that you are wearing. Make sure that you spend as much time on picking out your shoes as you do the rest of your outfit.
    5. Quality Is Worth It – Spend More: It turns out that you are not just paying for a fancy designer label. High quality fabrics and shoes not only look better, but they also last longer. Go ahead – spend more for better quality clothes and you’ll not only look nicer, but you will save money in the end because your clothes will last longer.

  5. ok! biasanya, saya suke letak design yang berwarna- warni....
    saya suke letak point dan huraikan sikit...
    lagi satu, kalau letak smart art pon ok gak..
    pakai mind map..

    mase present yang paling penting cara kita deliver information tu..
    eye contact pon kena ade gak kat kwn -kwn and lecturer,,
    pakai baju kena sama warna ngan geng

  6. the important thing is:
    1.we should have an eye contact with the audience.
    2.alway prepared with a answer when audience ask
    3.use easy language
    4.gesture & alway smile when too nervous
    5.make a joke to attract the audience attention

  7. Assalamualaikum...
    sebagai mukadimah,bagi saya presentation kite tu boleh menarik perhatian orang if kite ade confindence with ourself..huh..easy to talk..
    but,seriously,if aku ada confidence..aku yakin presentation aku untuk apa2 subject pun mesti best & sumer orang will be waiting for me...=).
    Secondly,aku yakin if kite ade confidence yang we can give the best presentation..mesti dari awal lagi kte akan start preparation yg terbaeekk...wat research...wat mind map utk audience senang faham...VISUALIZE UR PRESENTATION!!!...
    Thirdly,colour mesti menariiikkk...barulah eye jgn serabut!!!...barulah sumer org x mau jeling2 tmpt lain mase kite tgh present..
    hehe thats all..hopefully our next,next and next presentation will be success...=)PLUS...PAKAIAN KENA SESUAI DENGAN APE YG KITE NAK PRESENT,DGN AUDIENCE KITE...OK

  8. From my personal perspective, oh..I'm always afraid to speak in front of people..but, from time to time, i try to overcome this problem...

    Basically, we should know the content and understand it..bile kite tahu apa yang kite nak cakap, we do not need to memorize all of, bile time presentation, kite takkan la jadi tak tentu arah bile ter missed satu2 ayat itu...

    Confident itu penting..sangat sangat penting okey...

    Slide show juga sangat important...tapi tak payah terlalu fency..biar simple tapi padat... (^_^)

  9. for me, i will put the graphic or photos that suitable and relating to my presentatin.
    other than that, i will keep use the text to minimum.
    and my last point is, i will put the animation that can interact my audience. ;)

  10. MY OPINION:-

    first, i likes to make my slide's background with the bright colour but not to much combination colour.for example just two or three colours only.for me, this can makes me to attract the audience to pay attention to my slide even not to my presentation.

    second, i will make sure my point is not too much explaination because for me it will make the power point "serabut" i wikll more explain the point in my own words even "ayat berterabur"...hehehe...

    third,normally i also make sure my point in slide is not more "seni"...which means not use 3 or more colurs on it and the point that i want to share is clear with the colour and font that suitable for the audience to see and not makes the audience have to "kecikkan mata mereka"...hehehe....


  11. Dear Sir Azmi Nias Ahmad,

    In my opinion, I think the main point started when we stand up in front of an audience. The way we delivered the point. The eye contact, well dressed, body language and try to make a simple conversation with the audience before we start the presentation. For instance, "Hi everybody" (waiting for their response). Make sure your voice is LOUD and CLEAR.

    For eye cathing, ermmmm must be CONFIDENCE, the colour of slide show *mestilah cantik dan menarik* (eeuuuwwwww) ;p.
    Other than that, can add animation on slide show and ADDED with all of the above standard, so that, the audience automatically will listen to your presentation from start till the end. God's willing.

    Ok,that's all for tonight.


  12. for me i must look better than everyone else in the room.the great presenters should always dress just a little bit nicer than everyone else who is attending the cloth that i wear must fit and comfortable to wear. next is i will focus on what i want to say by making outlines

  13. these are some ways that i manage and able to share with others...
    ~ used slides that can attracts people like using and make slides more colourful, used simple words and simple contents. Colours can attract audience.
    ~ if using handout make it clear and easy to understand.
    ~when present, used voice that others able to hear you. Don't used voice in monotone because audience might get bored and sleeply and not pay attention to your presentation.
    ~ do presentation in sweet and simple. Don't take too much time.
    ~ used examples that related to human being and don't gives examples that will make others unable to understand.
    Most important don't over confident and too much stress or nervous because it will make you blank and all your words are messy during your presentation.

  14. First, you have to think about all of the mental and physical preparation that you will need to build a good presentation. You will find that if you learn how to become confident, you’ll be able to work it

    2. on the presenting i will use the colour that are pastel or more striking on the slide because all human eyes are more attracted to the colour that looks beautiful.

    3. use good voice not just a monotone because monotone will make the audience getting sleepy and with that voice will make others bored, so the presenter must have good voice such as an happy voice.

    4. Your clothes should suitable with the presentation such as as a women we should wearing a baju kurung because it will look formal and choose the tudung not to heavy with accessories..

    5. Another way that you can prepare yourself is to drink plenty of water. When you don’t, you’ll end up getting tongue tied from the dehydration

  15. hOw yo make my presentatiOn more presentable & eye catching..

    for me, the solution is only one, practice. i know that i need to practice over and over again. This will help me to be organized with what i want presenting. with practice, i cam make myself more prepared with what i am going to present. as a result, i will become more confident with what i am going to talk about..

    but before that, i should be a clear about the message of what i am going to talk..that's mean, i shoul understand with all what i am presented. i need to study first so that what i want to delivered to the audience can be easy to understand. it is also required me to be more prepared.

    next, i should be more enthusiastic. If i am not excited about the topic, no one else will be. i should show to the audience that i am very enthusiastic about the topic i am presented and really want to share this with the audience.

    actually, when i am presenting a topic, i need to make an eye contact with the audience. that's mean, i should interact with the audience using the eye contact & also the body gesture. i shouldn't only focus only on my text, but more focus on audience. this is a way to make sure all the audience feel that what i am trying ti delivered. so, thy are more focusing on hat i am trying to say..

    i hope, i can be a good presenter..

  16. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching
    It have a few ways to improve the presentation skill which is do an opening question that you can attract to the audience somehow to get them involved and make them part of the act. For example, if my presentation is on chocolate, i might pass out a little bit of chocolate and ask the audience if anyone knows its place of origin or who discovered chocolate.Others than that, we can add relaxing background music to our presentation but we have to make sure it at a low volume so that it will not take we away from the presentation. In order to catch the audience eye when presenting,we should using the audio visuals like small LCD monitor without the bulk of posters and charts and have to be professional when create a slide.

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  18. In order to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching…..i just find out the information about presentation skills from internet …

    So, from what I have read…there are several tips

    1-Body language is important. Standing, walking or moving about with appropriate hand gesture or facial expression is preferred

    2-Do not read from notes for any extended length of time although it is quite acceptable to glance at your notes infrequently.

    3- Speak loudly and clearly. Sound confident. Do not mumble. If you made an error, correct it, and continue. No need to make excuses or apologize profusely.

    4- Visual not verbal. Show them graphs and pictures, not words. If the content of slide is verbal, the audience will split their attention.. Keep it visual, not verbal.

    5-Dress properly-The way that you look and the way that you act determines what people think about you.

    6-Be Positive-if we want people to respond to us in a positive way, we must look and act positively.

  19. copied from

    Assalamualaikum & hi, dearies..(!)
    today's post is regarding on my assignment.
    special for Mr AZMI NIAS AHMAD.
    How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching..(?) hurmmm..

    In my opinion, what are the important things in presentation skill is CONFIDENT.
    depends on how the individual defined it.
    some people may defined CONFIDENT= KNOWLEDGEABLE
    *yakin kau boleh(!)*

    for me, confidence comes into play when you are knowledgeable.
    kalau awak ada ilmu, cornfirm2 orang akan respect awak & percaya awak.
    awak hembus lah cakap apa pun, semua orang percaya.
    *ala-ala dalam gua..bergema-gema..huhu*

    still can't understand(?)
    to looks confident during presentation, we should act as a KNOWLEDGEABLE person.
    but how(?)
    practice(!) because practice makes perfect.
    *ecehcehceh..,macam kau practice je kan farah :P*
    nak share saja, saya practice in front of mirror tau.
    selalu tengok memek muka dan hidung kembang kuncup. huhu~
    cuba kalau kita tak practice dan tak prepare untuk presentation, confirm nervous+gelabah kann..(?) as such, tak confident. :(

    and also don't forget to do some homework with regards to your presentation.
    soooo....,knowledgeable lah sekarang on that particular things.

    APPEARANCE also one of the factors to feeeeeel confident.
    tak kira lah, dari segi dressing kita ke, posture badan kita ke, atau cara jalan.
    *dan banyak lagi*
    kalau boleh bagi first impression yang baekkkkkkk punya. ;P

    for me, during presentation i would make sure i'm wearing proper and suitable dress.
    saya lebih selesa pakai baju kurung. PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN(!)

    last but not least, FIKIRKAN BOLEH (!) so that we can produce outstanding presentation.

    ok(!) that's all i think. bye. Assalamualaikum.

    OhWhatEverLaa: saya masih banyak kelemahan dalam presentation. especially takde eye contact dengan audience. asyik pandang encik azmi je during presentation. dan juga kurang praktis. selalu last minute. wanna to improve that(!)
    lagi, abaikan segala kesalahan grammar.hee~
    and i've got some ideas or general ideas on this post from HOW TO MAKE EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION. say no to plagiarism right sir(?) ;)

  20. In my opinion, to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching, first of most, i must be preparing. Know the audience, what them want to know and make sure that our presentation meet their needs.

    Next, i must look up to my appearance before the presentation. Wearing properly and corporate look. And i can get start strong and confident.

    Also, From the slide presentation perceptive, the slide should be easy to understand and interesting. The slide must be clear to see. It’s about the colour and size of the font. Visualize the point also the key to eye catching.

    Then, when presentation, the most important thing is body language. Delivered alongside with goods body language. Its can help we to convey audience to listen our presentation. It’s a great rule to make natural movements.

    Voice. Also important in the presentation is voice. Must said clearly and make them understand with want we want to delivered the point.

    So that, in the presentation, we must start strong and end strong too. Before end the presentation, we also can ask them if have any questions. It’s called question and answer session. Lastly, we can end our presentation with appreciate them by said, “thank you to listening” or “thank you for your attention ”....


    make sure to have something more than just your voice. PowerPoint presentations are great at keeping visual learners interested and making your presentation more organized and easier to digest. These presentations also allow for you to use visuals without the bulk of posters and charts.
    Stand up. Imagine that you are about to walk on stage at the start of your presentation. You will probably be feeling rather tense and you may be holding your breath. Unlock your knees, breathe using your tummy, rather than your chest and shake out your arms. You will find that it will be a lot more difficult to feel tense if you concentrate on improving your breathing.
    The simple truth is that good presenters have had lots of practice of doing it and most good presenters have been trained to present well. If you want to improve your presentation skills then going on a training class will help. As with any skill - the more you do it, the better your performance will become
    Finish up with another opportunity for audience participation. If you have no better ideas, the audience

  22. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching

    Be Entertaining – Speeches should be entertaining and informative. It does not means you should act like a dancing monkey when giving a serious presentation. But unlike an e-mail or article, people expect some appeal to there emotions. Simply reciting dry facts without any passion or humor will make people less likely to pay attention.

    Slow Down – Nervous and inexperienced speakers tend to talk way to fast. Consciously slow your speech down and add pauses for emphasis.

    Eye Contact – Match eye contact with everyone in the room.

    15 Word Summary – Can you summarize your idea in fifteen words? If not, rewrite it and try again. Speaking is an inefficient medium for communicating information, so know what the important fifteen words are so they can be repeated.

    Don’t Read – This one is a no brainer, but somehow Powerpoint makes people think they can get away with it. If you don’t know your speech without cues, that doesn’t just make you more distracting. It shows you don’t really understand your message, a huge blow to any confidence the audience has in you.

    “That’s a Good Question” – You can use statements like, “that’s a really good question,” or “I’m glad you asked me that,” to buy yourself a few moments to organize your response. Will the other people in the audience know you are using these filler sentences to reorder your thoughts? Probably not. And even if they do, it still makes the presentation more smooth than um’s and ah’s littering your answer.

    Do Apologize if You’re Wrong – One caveat to the above rule is that you should apologize if you are late or shown to be incorrect. You want to seem confident, but don’t be a jerk about it.

    Put Yourself in the Audience - When writing a speech, see it from the audiences perspective. What might they not understand? What might seem boring? Use WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) to guide you.

    Have Fun - Sounds impossible? With a little practice you can inject your passion for a subject into your presentations.

  23. assalamualaikum... ni komen dari hassan zohadi..

    jadikan ia sebagai info di mase hadapan.. future gitu...

    1. be prepared
    2. make sure we have enough information
    3. be confident
    4. came early to avoid nervousness
    5. wearing suitable cloth
    6. start the presentation with "BISMILLAHHIRAHMANIRRAHIM"
    7. make sure all the audience can hear your voice loud and clear

    actually when we want to present something, make sure we really understand what we talking about and understand the situation where the audience can hear and understood what we present... lebih kurang macam kite ni kene betul2 bersedia la.. bukan main bace ape ada dalam kertas dkt tangan kite ni..

    lagi 1 cara, if we can and confident enough, dont hold any paper when presenting.. it may show you very the nervous bile tangan da menggeletar.. hahaha..

    just bring small notes so you can write any ketpoint for the presentation.. jadi bile tak ingat, boleh la nak ushar2 kat nota kecik tuu...

    one more thing... kita seeloknya prepare la handouts for the audience.. nanti takde la diaoranf terpinga2 ape yg kite cakap kat depan tu macam kera... hihihi..

    at the of the presentation, make sure ada sesi Q&A.. (sesi soal jawab).. baru la kita tau presentation kite tadi efektif ke tak.. bile dah takde orang tanya.. haaa.. mase tu la kita yg tanya soalan.. nak tengok audience tu sbenanye paham ke tak presentation kite tadi.. silap2 dengar pun tak.. hehehe.. dapat jugak nak kenekan orang.. hehe

  24. hmm... what can i say yaa??!! hehe...

    actually i am not a good presenter but i am always trying to do so...

    yeah as usual if we are not ready for something we will do something that unexpected...

    what i can say here is truthly i am not 100% on the mood to present on that day...

    but what can i do just Tawakkal n Doa to Allah that i am doing my best...

    why i am not 100% into the presentation??

    hmmm... i had not enough sleep before the presentation day...

    that is one of important things that should we have to get ready on everything that we want to do...

    so here i am giving one one of the best ways to be a good presenter...

    hehe... i am not a good presenter but of course all of student they need to be a good presenter which is one of the important thing towards the communication skills...

    as all know i am a talkative person and i am a very social person...

    but if we turn to presentation, i am lacking on that??

    my voice and tone is quite good (what i know laa) but i am not that confident to present something without looking at the reference that i had used...

    bombastic?? yeah i want that word in my presentation and now on i should take caution when doing it...

    dressed up on the presentation day is actually okay because coincidentally that day is monday so tie and tied in is required...


    moreover slide is also important thing that we should have to be a good presentor...

    the slide is also should be simple but interesting which can take audience eyes...

    if the slide is too messy or too much words, the audience doesn't know where they should look at...

    slide or the presenter?

    so in short i can conclude that Tawakkal and Doa to Allah, enough sleep, properly dressing up, communication skills and also good slide is the important things that we should have if we want to be a bombastic presenter...

    nevertheless here i am who i am because I've been born this way...

  25. salam to all.....

    Everybody will feel nervous, going to vomit out, body shake, sweaty etc when they are presenting something in front of public.. this is human being that were experienced by evybody eventhought they are always appear in front of public to do presentation.

    when i was in my former secondary school, i am always participated in school competition that almost involving to speak out in front of public such public speaking, debate, story telling competition, forum and so on.. here are my preparation and to do list before i am ready to perform any presentation:

    Do the draft of your presentation. look at the facts, current issues to makes your presentation more relevant and updated.
    Start to do proper presentation information completely.
    Highlight the point that you will easy to memories.
    Do main point in a small of paper.
    Then, now start to practise in front of the mirror. ( so you can analyze clearly which tone that you suit to use while presenting and check the face play match with the points you are telling to... )
    Do more practise.... and keep practise....
    Recite the Al-Quran and pray for let you calm in presenting your performance..
    I will wear the blazzer or coat on the presenting day because it will sycho the judges and the audience that you are very energetic presentor. =)
    Look at precisely to the audience and judges's eyes because they will freaky to look at you back. hehehe
    Your body movement must be dinamic to attract the other people to look at you.
    I was applied all these steps when I am choosen to be school presenter for any public speaking before and it was 99.99% succeed!! =) the more important are early preparation and look good in your appearance. Happy trying..... =)

  26. Assalamualaikum peoples..

    Today's assignment:

    Regarding to our dearest lecturer, Encik Azmi Nias's question on how to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching..hmm,well here is my answer..

    The most significant criteria is preparation..

    When we are all prepared and know inside out of what we want to present, it can make our presentation much such thing as pausing and panicking if we forget some of the point..

    Always practice as practice make can practice in front of your friend, your family and even in front of a mirror..

    Preparation is important to our level of confidence..

    When we are all equipped with all the important things to present, our confidence will flow automatically and bad habits such as stuttering will go away.. Confidence can make youfeel the strongest, the biggest, the richest..everything is possible if you have confidence in yourself..

    If we have doubt on our own ability, it make it harder for us to present successfully..

    Believe in yourself and things that we want to tell play a big part..

    When we doubt our own ability and things that we want to tell, our self confidence level is low and this will lead to a dull and boring presentation as we are playing it safe..

    The reason i answer this way is not to tell and educate people on how to make their presentation more presentable and eye catching.. I am not always well prepared, not always confident of myself and most of the time i doubt on my own ability to do well.. I think i will never be that good and i should be the last person that you want to listen to relating to this question.. but, this answer mostly arrowed straight to myself, as i need a platform to make such a big leap forward and change my style and bad habits so i can present better next time around..

    Well, that's my answer..


  27. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching???
    This post were my assignment that my lecturer en. azmi gave me to do...

    For me here is several tips that I've been kept to myself when ever i need to make the presentation...

    1- it comes from yourself... it means that you must be confident, it is because when you are not confident in yourself how can you grab the attention from others... so just kept it your mind that i'm CONFIDENT and i can do it. when u're confident it will able to deliver well during the presentation. do not keep thinking in wether what i'm telling is right or wrong because u're in the learning process. when u're wrong of course your lecturer will conduct you. Remember just CONFIDENT.

    2- in term of appearance is also important. you must ensure that what you are comfortable on what you are wearing. Do not wear clothes that to fancy or to messy. it is because it may disturb your audience attention on you. instead of pay attention on your presentation, it may turning into looking or may be criticize on your appearance. from what did i know is there are three colour that are suitable which are black, brown and for the third 1 i'm totally forgot it... sorry... but most important is you're comfortable on what you wear.

    3- Be prepared. usually before where are about to present on something, we have been given with enough time. here, you have to use the time wisely. Always keep practice, practice n practice. in whatever we do we must keep repeating n practicing it, from that you will improve our skill a little bit. then it will make you to be confident. so, you must always be prepared and practiced.

    4- the slides presentations that you use also play an important part. make sure put just the important part on the slides and do not put everything on the slide. besides that, the design of your slide must be not to fancy and messy because it also may distract your audience attention. just make it simple and solid.

    5- you must also use your body language. in order to attract your audience attention you may move from left side to right side in certain time. for example before starts your presentations, you can ask them 'may i start'. this will eventually make them to focus on what you're about to present.

    hmmm... I think that's all that i can share with all of you... all of those things above is what I've been doing when I have to make a presentations... I wish all of us good luck on our next presentation...

    copied from fadlyanisyakila@blogspot.con

  28. Salam 1Malaysia,

    Dear all my potential readers.In my point of view,how to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching is very subjective to measure because different person have different perspective to be more presentable.

    Ok,let straight to the point.Firstly,1st impression is the most best input that should be in our presentation because the the audiences will look on our appearance.So,i must be smart, wearing properly and corporate look before the presentation.It can attract potential audiences to see and focus in my presentation.From side of myself,i can be more confident when start my speeches.In other word,my suit on presentation day must be properly and suitable for the event.The way that you look and the way that you act determines what people think about you.

    Besides,on the other side of the slide presentation perspective, the slide should be easy to understand and interesting. The slide must be clear to see,not complicated and easy to understand.I must choose suitable colours and size of the font and visualize the point so that it can be nice to see for audiences.

    Moreover,gesture of my body language can make my presentation more presentable and eye catching.For sure I will feel more confident and make I determine to perform my presentation.All the way of the presentation,I must put on smilling face to audiences.That all for today.Thank you :)

    " Good presenter loves preparation "

  29. in my opinion the presenter must well prepared before the presentation. do some homework about the topic that have to present.this is important for you if the audience ask the question. the first impression is important. so the presenter should wearing proper cloth to impress the lecturer and the other should have the eye contact with the audience. body language also needed while presenting. this is one of the way to attract the audience.the presenter also need to control their voice. do not over confident and do not show your nervousness. the slide preparation also need to be simple and easy for the audience to understand.

    P/S: after my presentation, i realize there are many weaknesses that i have to improve. for example too nervous and make many mistake because of that. i need to do more eye contact with the audience andbe more prepared.... well.....i will try my best to improve and get better for next presentation.... insyaALLAH....(^_^)V

  30. i think t0 make my presentati0n m0re presentable and eye catching is.......

    1) i have m0re c0nfident.....presentati0n makes me 'gelabah',haha....i dunno why.....even in fr0nt of my fren,stilll same;b t0 make sure i c0nfident,i have t0 prepare early....g0 diela g0;)

    2) makes interesting slide....slide is the one that other pe0ple want t0 see during the presentati0n....s0.....t0 makes them give intenti0n t0 me,i have to makes interesting slide for them....

    3) during presentati0n,i have t0 use simple w0rd to make them from notes and talk 'panjang2' can makes them b0ring....s0 use la simple w0rd and padat with inf0;)

    4) handout.......s0metime it is helpful to us.....s0 it's up to u to use or not.....;b

    5) use c0mfortable clothes~ s0metime kal0 x comf0rtable, nak present pun ssah kan....s0 i think better use suitable clothes^ ^ is many ways we can makes our presentation more presentable and eye catching.....:)

  31. (~) make my presentation more presentable and eyes catching(~)
    Hello all,since my last time post,now i want to share with you guys how to make presentation more presentable and eyes catching...First of all,we need to prepare ourself more early before we present,make sure that we have understands what we want to present,or may be we want to be spontaneous we need to jot down the idea,so that we never forget what we want to say....
    Secondly,i think we need to make sure that people do not see how nervous we are,so that we have more confidence.Next,before we present we must give handout to our friends and lecturer so that they have the idea what we are going to say.
    Lastly,we need to make eye contact with everyone during our presentation..
    i think that's all......

  32. to make presentation more presentable n eye catching is not as easy as 1 2 3... but not as hard as a b c....

    1st: a person must have a confidence but not too confidence...sometimes i'm not confidence with myself either :( but, i'm a positive and optimistic person so i will take it as challenge~ to gain a confidence also can be reach by wearing a nice and comfortable clothes..^_^

    2nd: as "pepatah" said....."PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT" is a good idea to practice talking in front of the mirror..imagine that the mirror is your audience...usually, i will practice to talk in front of the mirror for one or two times but I still end up freezing in front of my audience...what to do? i just be myself :P

    3rd: using a graphic forms on presentation.....avoid using a long words and at the end u yourself do not understand what were you n my members always limit that our slides should have 3 to 5 slides and ensure the information is compact so that the audience easy to understand.

    4th: body language is the most importance when we do a presentation....different people have different types of using body language..some might want to play with their hands and some might need a pen or pencil to hold.....

    in conclusion, to make presentation more presentable and eye catching is up to the is how you handle yourself and how you take it as should be practice now in doing a best presentation so that i can use the knowledge and nervousness when i work soon..^_^

  33. Firstly, i must make sure that i have prepared my presentation properly. It's mean i prepared in the aspect of the physical and mental. what i mean with physical aspect is i must look at a proper dress up. even thought the presenter did not have a good looking but if the presenter have a proper dress up it also can make sure that the audience will be attract to hear what the presenter want to present.the important thing is the presenter able to attract the audience with thier characteristic such as use the ability to ask the audience whether is they have something that they did not understand or i also can give the reward to the audience if they can answer the question you ask. by this way you can make sure that the audience will pay attention what are you try to present and when you communicate with the audience, it will make the audience not bored with your presentation.

    next is mental of the presenter, the presenter must not show the all the negative emotion such as nervous. when the presenter show the bad emotion it can cause the audience not in mood to hear your presentation and the audience maybe can make a distraction such as making noise when the presenter present their presentation.

    other than that the slide show must also attractive to get the attention from the audience. the slide must be clearly and easy to understand by the audience.the slide show should not to complicated because it will make the slide so crowded.

    next is voice projection, the presenter must have a good voice projection. if the presenter did not have a good voice projection, it can make the audience cannot hear what are you present

  34. Assalamualaikum... and very good night.

    Today i would like to share with all of you regarding to be a good presenter during presentation session.
    First of all, i need to be prepared on what i should present... not just memories it. i strongly believe that prepared early make me more CONFIDENT to present in front all my classmate.

    2. EYE CONTACT with the audience will improve my confident level regarding on what i presented. Through this way, i will see their response and beware with the enviroment of classroom. The most important thing is my friend will give their attention during my presentation.

    3. DRESS WELL. I need to dress up well during my presentation day. I need to choose proper dress that fit with my body and it can make me feel confortable during presentation session. By dress well i can improve my confident level on what im presenting.

    4. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON. For me when im present something i share with the people some input. so that i need to be knowledgeable person. I need to collect a lot of information on that topic and explain to them in simple way. So that they can understand what actually im saying..

    5. PREPARE HANDOUT to my friend so that they have something to refer.

    so that through all the ways that i mention above it will make me more ready during presentation session.

  35. how to make my presentation more presentable & eye catching...
    in my point of view,
    1. well prepare - for me it is the most important part to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching... when we do present to audience, of course we have to be an ethical presenter!!!! Ethical in the context that we know, at least " well " about what we are presenting... so that the end result audience will not misunderstanding the fact we are presenting...
    2. the way we catch audience attention - first of all, first impression of audience is most way to make audience pay their attention and always with us (presenter)...if you fail to impress audience at the first sight, the tendency that audience lack of interest seems to be very high !
    3. simple but incredible ! - a veryyyy long starting @ introduction to the presentation we are presenting means nothing if presenter make nothing different greater than audience current knowledge...when we presenting something, of course we assume our audience retain only portion of knowledge regarding our presentation....
    4. include joke and humor in presentation - people just love something funny ! so depress presentation @ static presentation will ruin whole of your presentation, even in fact, your idea in the presentation is very brilliant.....
    5. credibility - what make people think that we have credibility is CONFIDENT...the way we talk, the way we influence people with our idea, our body language..this is among the reason why people think we have credibility.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. ~ ~ to be aN excellent and sucCessful person in the world (AiCeceh.. huhu) ~ ~ I muSt to OverCome this Situation.. So... the several THinGs I muSt do iS :

    ConFident>>> to makE peopLe onLy Look and Focus to Me.. i Need to sHow my Confidentiality.. (hehe.. eVen If I FeeL likE tSunAmi coMe to Me) ngeee~~... this iS becoz wHen people see tHat we Are Not ConFideNt.. tHey wiLL thing tHat wE aRe The loser... As a cOncLUsion foR tHis PoiNt... We muSt bE the BesT Actor!!.. We cAn Used RosYam NOOr, Hitrik RoShAn oR FahRinn Ahmad to be an IdOL for yoU.. huhu (^_^)

    GRaB AttentiOn>>> We Can Use seVeral Techniques To Grab aN aUdiencE attentiOn.. fOr ExaMple, hhmmm...Wear a SuitAble ClotheS.. fOr me. Wear a Clothes WhiCh arE siMplE, lOok eLEgant, anD SwEEt.. Do NOt Wear a CLothes LikE YoU waNt to Go "Kenduri kWEn" ~~

    Used PowerFuL WoRds BUT....make Sure It Can be UnderstAnd by The audienCe.. it BeCome no point wHen the AudiEnce did Not unDerstAnd wHat you SpEaK.. so.. Watch Out..!! huhu..

    EyE conTAcT>> Dun U eVer just Read the Text... or look to the Wall... aLL suCh things Did not Help You to geT a GooD prEsentaTion... Look to The audiEnce.. SmiLe... GiVe a GooD fAcE impReSsiOn.. (wInk2 is Not AlloWed.. huhu)

    LastLy..... Do the Best... ChaiYOk2!!!...

  38. hurmmm...what should i do if i want my presentation very glamors and interactive for my audiences?? **thinking**.......

    A'haa...lets me answer that unique question which become from my mind!!!!...teng..teng...teng...~~

    1st , i must fully understand the meaning of question needed for answering with the correctly and suitable answer. if i cannot understand it, how come to give the best answer n explain in front of my audiences..agree with me??..hihihi

    2nd, calm yourself. i am always nervous, shaking hand, not enough confident when i should present in front of people. i feel so scared when i start to talk, all audience look at me with different face impression. so to solve this problem, i should prepare myself with full confident, make myself in comfortable wearing like wear a baju kurung. i feel when i wear it, easy to me to move in front n audience will pay attention on my presentation.

    3rd, colorful slide presentation n simple to understand. i like a colorful presentation. based on my reading, a key of successful student, he/she was study by using the colorful pen @ highlighter to mark or highlight the keyword. by using colorful word, our brain can easy to memorize that particular word based on color which we use. besides that, it also make the presentation in cool zone, interesting, wonderful and insyaallah audiences will give their attention on our presentation...i hope it!!!...

    4rd, don't use the romantic voice ok!!!!..presentation session is not dating sesion with charming boyfriend....hahaha...So i should speak loudly and clearly and also sound confident. Do not mumble quiyah!!! if i voice slowly, maybe my audience will slept because they feel so calm with 'my bedtime song'...hahahaha

    5th, eye contact and body language. Body language is important. Standing, walking or moving about with appropriate hand gesture or facial expression is beware with it!!!...

    that's all from just my opinion...hehehehe

  39. there are few things that we need to do in order to improve our are my suggestion:

    1)well dressed-you must dress up well and look good infront of others.not only to look good but also to make you more confident.

    2)well organized material-you must prepare early about the material that you want to present to others.put in the simple yet nice ways.if you use slide show,make sure that you choose the right layout and colours in order to look great and nice.

    3)gesture,voice and eye contact- your words must throw out clearly so the audience will have interest on you also must have eye contact and your gesture must also attractive enough to attract the audience.and don't forget to smile!!

  40. * Use appropriate graphics and photos to break up the text on each slide. Graphics and photos should complement the text rather than taking its place or overwhelming the slide.

    * Keep the use of text to a minimum. Put words in bullet form and use short phrases instead of complete sentences. Include only three to five lines of text per slide.

    * Include animation in the text and graphics. PowerPoint enables you to have bullet points appear one at a time, fly in from the side, and appear in other entertaining ways, to keep your presentation interesting.

    * When giving the presentation, add to the information provided on each slide as you speak, rather than reading from the screen. Have a copy of the presentation in front of you and use it as a guide.

  41. 1.Put myself in the audience's shoes which means try to understand listener's level of understanding

    2. Make sure my appearance is well dressed so i can make a good impressions to the audience.

    3.Grab attention with a joke, an interesting fact, a short anecdote, a quotation, or a positive statement.

    4.Must have two way communication to see whether listener's looking and listen to me.

    5.Make presentation unexpected and creatively different! For an example doing a presentation which includes a pie chart, make the pie chart look like a pie with different colors.


  42. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching...

    There are several way to make presentation more presentable , eye catching and interesting!!!!

    1. Presenting Skills.
    Before you can think of making your presentation creative and interesting, you have to get rid of being self conscious and nervous. The key to presenting confidently is to realize that the presentation is NOT about you. It's about informing and making sure your audience understands points you are presenting to them. Take the focus off yourself and you'll realize there's plenty of room to breathe and present confidently.

    2. Visualization and Presentation Perspective.
    Instead of just going about your presentation the usual route, try to deliver an unexpected and fun visual to the audience your presenting to. In one of the best presentations I have ever seen the presenter had drawn out a short story with stick figures and smiley faces, angry faces, and sarcastic grins. It was very entertaining, required no skill, and was such a creative way of presenting an idea. It was so interesting you can hear a pin drop AND echo throughout! Everyone's attention was grabbed with awe struck interest. I'm sure many of the audience still remember the presentation vividly AND the idea behind the presentation. Think outside the box, and compare your ideas and points to a visual aid that is amusing, creative, and grabs everyone's interest.

    3. Auditory aspect of your Presentation.
    Not everyone is a visual thinker, so to add more umph to your presentation and really make it stand out in creativity. It might be a long shot but search the topic of your presentation in lyrics, if you find something that fits take full advantage! Play it in the background for you intro, or play it while you get ready for the presentation. You'll be off to an interesting and Wow-factor start. People will appreciate you're extra efforts and give you their undivided attention. They'll perk up their ears on the look out for more interesting and creative tid bits throughout your presentation.
    Naturally not all topics will have a relative song. Sound effects are a great way to go as well for an interesting presentation. For example if you're doing a presentation about weather you might want some thunder sound effects, perhaps a moo-ing cow in the background if your presentation is about dairy consumption. It will make a huge difference in your presentation!

    4. Presentation Finale!
    Have you ever witnessed a presentation...and when it ended the presenter just stood awkwardly waiting for applause and it never came? You want to end your presentation creatively and clean cut. If you ever have to say "Umm..I'm done now" then you are doing something wrong. End your presentation with a meaningful quote and start by saying "Id like to end this presentation with something Jefferson once said..." or if your presentation is more on facts and numbers, then end it with a staggering statistic stating "Id like to end with a very astonishing fact..." etc. I think you get the point.
    Get ready for loud applause, I wish you the best on your presentation!

  43. These are some of my view:
    1) Confident - Firstly, we must have confident to speak to the audiences. In order to get good confident, we must prepare the presentation earlier and have all necessary things that will use in the real presentation. Besides that, we must believe the points in the power point are correct.
    2) Eye contact - We must look all the audiences and do not look some people only or not always looking at the slide show.
    3) Start your speech with a phrase that catches the public’s attention – “Right ladies and gentlemen”, “Shall we begin?”, “Fine everybody. Let’s get started”. “Ok guys. Are you all ready?”
    4) Use video and audio to convey our message more effectively - this is a great way to engage our audience. Using audio that helps convey our message can also help us keep our slides clean and approachable, such as by adding recorded narration to slides when sending our presentation to others to view on our own.
    5) Use graphics to emphasize key points - A well-chosen chart or diagram can often convey much more to the audience than boring bulleted text. Fortunately, creating charts and graphics has never been easier.
    6) Start by outlining our presentation - Take time to outline our presentation before we begin to create our slides. Doing this can save our time and help us to give a more clear and effective presentation. We can create our outline by typing a slide title and bullets points for our main topics on each slide. But we can also use the outline pane to type our entire presentation outline in one window and add slides to our presentation as we go.
    7) Practice - A good presentation is hard work. Spend time researching, writing, and honing the presentation. Talk in front of a mirror, a friend, or a pet.
    8) Speak loudly and clearly - Sound confident and make sure the audience understand what we want to delivered to them.
    9) Always Have a Plan B - Unexpected things happen. Be prepared for any disaster. Example, what if our projector blew a light bulb (and we forgot to bring a spare) or our briefcase was lost at the bus station? Our Plan B should be that the show must go on, no matter what. Going back to item 1 once again , we should know our topic so well that we can make our presentation "off the cuff" if need be, and the audience will leave feeling that they got what they came for.
    10) Use these expressions to close our speech – Asking for questions (Have you got any query? / Would you like to ask?) and Thanking (Thank you for / It’s been a pleasure to).

  44. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching??

    every people have their own style to make their presentation more attractive. they sometimes use a simple words to make audience easy to understand and catch what the presenter talk about. sometimes they use props to help their presentation looks interesting, they might also use a better topic to make audience love to hear.

    But for AIS give a best presentation, i think we must have confidence to talk something. when we confident, every single words we say is clear and we will be satisfied with our presentation. We also have to study first before we present something.this is to make we more understand what we want to talk about....because if we understand,of course we enjoy to present our topic.

    On the other hand, for me...our slides must be interesting..but don't make your slides too crowded!! just put the main point of the topic we want to present. Many people forget about their attire but actually, our attire also plays an important role to attract audience. but what kinds of attire that we should wear during the presentation?? Therefore, we must wear a formal attire such as coat, necktie for man, baju kurung for women, and any other formal attire. because with the formal attire, audience will focus more on the contents of what we present compared on what we're wearing!!

    Furthermore, when we present something we also should be focus on what we say....remember...our tone, our body language, our gesture also plays an important role to attract the audience.

    Lastly, i hope we can improve our skills to make our presentation more presentable and eye catching...that's all. thank you for reading...

  45. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching
    Once we talk about presentation, every one has their own feeling....NERVOUS!!!!!SCARED!!!!!!Sometimes it looks like " ASTRO ".macam-macam ada ('',) sound interesting right..So, it's normal to the people when coming to present in front of audience...BUT i'm not trying to tell you that individual who not has that feeling is ABNORMAL..('',)

    Here is several tips that always I follow when ever I try myself to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching ....

    1) make it successfully, we must believe on ourselve and trying to tell yourself that 'I CAN DO IT'..It is because people will interested on you and will keep looking on your presentation.

    2) Try to look different from others...There are times in our lives when we may just lack a little confidence in ourselves. Improving our opinions of ourselves is always a good thing, as it gives you that extra confidence to go out there. When we make a change for the better in our APPEARANCE, it really gives us a good feeling inside, and makes us proud to step out and grab the people attention.

    3) ALWAYS GET READY...we should well prepared for ourself..HOW??????continued practice and practice because Practice Make Perfect...Don't ever show that you not ready because your presentation will become Boring....try to make it more convincing and attractive such as provide the interesting slide..

  46. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching???

    Well, there is some advice for making the presentation more presentable and eye catching. Actually, the most important thing to consider before presenting something is knowledgeable about the content you want to deliver. You must know all the content and speak confidently in front of audience [NEVER read the text/ MEMORIZING]. While you were speak to audience, make sure that the language you used if understandable.DON'T use "rojak" language!!

    Be CAREFUL with EYES because EYES plays an important role in making your presentation more presentable. It is because, when you present CONFIDENTLY, you have to interact the audience with your EYES. If your EYES focus on one thing, you will lost in presentation and that can makes you more nervous and start to say "ah", "em". Thus, look into audiences EYES to interact with them.

    Not to forget, about the attire of presentation. We can see that in companies, when they doing presentation, they wearing "shirt with necktie and coat" for the man while for the women, they wearing "baju kurung/ baju kebaya". It is a formal attire to wear when doing the presentation. NOT to wear something that fit your body and too sexy, it distract the audience because they focus on you, not the content you explain.

    Slides for presentation also important to make your presentation more presentable and eye catching. Slides that you make must not too crowded and too simple. Make it looks like you want to see it without blinking your eyes. Slides may effect the eye of audiences like they will more interested in your presentation while you were delivered your content.

    Lastly, DON'T use too much body language, it shows that your not really CONFIDENT with your presentation. DON'T show them that your not CONFIDENT by making body language and also tones of your voice. When you getting caught being nervous, your tone will be shaking like "aaaaaaaa". From that, audience will start thinking that whether he/she is a good deliver on the content? They will give up and doing other things. Therefore, be prepare like practice for several times by talking to friends or talking to yourself in a mirror. It may helps you look more CONFIDENT in yourself.

    I hope, with all advice that i can give, it can help some people to do their best in presentation. I'm also not a good presenter but i always try my best to do better by not looking to a notes. Sometimes i've got nervous, it is hard to handle it but i can manage it. Thank You :) ~

  47. Living in this set jet fast world and people with incredible skills require peoples to be differ and it's vital for whom that work in the industry that require them convey and elaborate some brilliant idea in front of the audiences.
    More and more approaches possibly are taken in the techniques to attract people and lure and drag in them to be one of the individual that seek and keen to find the space and time to have the eyes on you, listen to the words, lines, quote whatever being spoke out of the mouth.
    Hence, keeping up with the techniques to make the presentation more eyecatching and presentable are vital. Meticulous efforts in designing the best method should be considered.
    The possibly approaches should be considered are:

    You must look better than everyone else in the room: If you remember nothing else from this post, then remember this – great presenters should always dress just a little bit nicer than everyone else who is attending the event.

    The Voice projection should be listenable and clearer. Do take time and having friends in assisting you to measure the volume and voice projection rate before it get started. Remember that the presentation is all about the ideas should be listened to, unless you just like a mother yelling and nagging to deaf children.

    Do research and understand the things you intend to deliver to people. Do not let yourself look like a fool in front of them. It might shows how bad your preparation is.

    Exaggerate the ideas you talk will definitely make the audience irritate and annoy. This absolutely make up the audience concentration move to another subject they think more relevant to talk to.

    Do not read the whole text. Do contact your eyes with the audiences.

    Bear in mind, tools and props are the things might help you figure out ideas you intend the audience get in yours, agree with the views, and absolutely agree with them. As rapid technological approach in presenting ideas introduced medium that are approachable to use, make it the best, utilize them and YES use the full of it. For example, Microsoft Office Power Point should be attractive, less crowded, and more eye friendly.

    They are just views of mine. While I am writing this, I am the big liar pretend that I just did the right thing, build up the ideas to be good a presenter. I will try to end up myself through the ideas that I need to refurbish myself into the ideas.

    Thank You En. Azmi

  48. HoW To MaKe My PrEsEntaTioN MoRe PrEsEnTaBLe AnD Eye CaTcHinG
    In my opinion how to make presentation presentable and eye catching is first at all the presenter must confident in what they present..the eye contact also very important to interact with the audience, instead of that the body gestures play an important role... the presenter can use simple word that can be easily understand...Our voice also must be clear and heard by the audience.....before start the presentation presenter must greet the audience and after the presentation we must close it by saying ' thank you' to the audience for the attention give by them...

    Furthermore, the slide show must have interesting element..not too crowded,only add the important point..we can also add animation that it can attract audience to see the slide...

  49. I will absolutely agree with :-
    1. Good looking entire in term of what you wear which is nice to see.
    2. Body language, it help your message that you want to deliver reach to the audience effectively. Besides, the good eye contact with the audience and always smile like zulfaiz did in his presentation. Nice!!
    3. Dont directly read from your slides because it will make your sound become monotonous tone.
    4. Clear voice and pronouncement, it will ensure your audience understand what you are saying
    5. Design of your slide shows also play an important role to make your presentation more attractive. Use soft color and not to messy and simple but nice to see.
    6. Just be cool and chill while you start your presentation because it will continuously develop your level of confident.
    That's all for now.........................='>

  50. assalamulaikum...
    here i want to give some tips to make presentation more presentable and eye catching..

    1. Picture Tells the Story.
    this is effective ways to attract audience to hear your presentation by adding photos, graphic and power point.Often one effective picture says it all. There is a reason for that old cliche - "a picture is worth a thousand words".

    2.Speak to the Audience
    don't read from your slide but try to communicate with your audiences. Audiences when feel bored when hear your reading because your voice will become monotone.

    3. Know Your Stuff(it very important!!)
    Your comfort level with presenting will be high if you know everything about your topic. After all, the audience is looking to you to be the expert. However, don't overload the audience with your complete toolkit of knowledge about your topic. Three key points is just about right to keep them interested, allowing them to ask questions if they want more.

    4.try to make audience laugh
    one of ways to attract audiences is by making joke.

    always make eye-contact with audiences.

    6.confident level
    a presenter must be confident to present his/her stuff.when the confident level is high the presentation will be much much better..

    that all the tips that i can give..OK GOODLUCK WITH YOUR PRESENTATION..XOXO

  51. My suggestions are :

    1) Before start presenting an assignment first pray to ALLAH. When we pray, our mind will be free from stress and free of rumble. So that our presentation will be more smooth and steady INSYAALLAH.

    2) Wear proper cloths so that people will see your confidence level on your presentation.

    3) Always smile and attract people more on your “happy go lucky” character.

    4) Analyze Your Audience by mean of put yourself in the audience shoes. By understanding the level of expectation from your audience of what they want to know from you and what they expect you to give them is important. Once you know what the audiences wants you can give the benefits to them.

    5) Confidence is the key to attract people to look at you and listen to what you said.

    6) Plan your presentation first before you present it for real. It is base for you to try to speak in front of the mirror by your own. So, that you can improve more on your confidence level.

    7) If you using power point in your presentation, please take this note……
    a)Use appropriate graphics and photos to attract people.
    b)POWER “POINT”….meaning of this is to minimize the use of text and put words in bullet form and use short phrases instead of complete sentences.
    c)Use animation in the text and graphics to make your presentation more interesting.
    d)When you start to present in your slide, add more information rather than just reading from the screen.
    e)Remember to utilize all the software include in the power point such as colors, graphics and etc.

    8) Remember to end up your presentation with thanks and smile…..The key word is SMILE………..

  52. In my opinion, there have many ways to make presentation more presentable.Some of the way are

    before presentation start the first thing is the presenter must calm herself so when present in front of everybody the presenter dont get so nervous.
    I think the attire also important to the presenter. The presenter must wear a proper attire or can call the formal attire.
    when present the presenter must always interact with each other so the presentation is not boring and the presenter must always smile.
    the most important thing is DON'T MEMORIZE the text. Rehearsing is one thing, committing the presentation to memory and performing it by heart, is not the way to go.The presenter need to present, not to recite.
    Not reading at the notes that the presenter bring in presentation.Too much time spent reading notes may convince your audience that you are unprepared.
    the slideshow must be interesting. in the slideshow we can add animation so the presentation is interesting.

  53. The first thing is we must be prepared. Have all materials organized so can make a smooth presentation. other things is maintain eye-contact with audience... Staring down and reading from notes will not earn any points..audience will relate to presenter better if can maintain eye contact with them...furthermore allow tone to fluctuate. No one wants will listen to a dul or monotone speaker. Add some personality to the presentation by bringing your own attitude ..Dress also important to present yourself in a professional way... the look at you dress determines how the audience will respond to the presenter... the presenter must look more professional...


    These are the 10 ways in order to improve your presentation skills.

    1. Be clear on your key message.
    :: Give your audiences directions on your topic of the day.

    2. Find out about your audience.
    :: Create a friendly environment.

    3. Know your topic.
    :: Do your research and always aim to tell the audience something that they don't

    4. Have a beginning, middle and end.
    :: This is to give a structure to your presentation so that audience will find it
    easier to follow you.

    5. Act naturally.
    :: Be true to yourself to allow the audiences engage with you.

    6. Make a visual impact.
    :: Visuals will always make the presentation 'alive' and interesting for your
    :: Dress to impress!

    7. Less is more.
    :: Keep your messages short and clear.

    8. Practice and prepare.
    :: When you are prepared with what you are presenting, you will be able to focus
    on other things i.e facial expressions, eye contact and e.t.c.

    9. Use your voice.
    :: NEVER MUMBLE! Throw out your voice loud and clear.

    10. Don't let your audience distract you.
    :: When someone looks bored, don't let it affect your confidence.

    WARNING: Doesn't matter if you are a businessman, a CEO, or simply a student, when u are required to present, you will have to prepare yourself with the presenting skills.

  55. Pembentangan yg berkesan
    pembentangan yang baik bergantung kepada :

    1. Persediaan - fahami topik yg bakal dibentang, supaya mudah untuk menyampaikan pembentangan dan tidak terikat kepada teks
    2. Kelancaran - gunakan ayat yang mudah difahami, jangan terlalu berbunga2 dan tidak terlalu membosankan
    3. Intonasi - gunakan lenggok bahasa yang baik supaya penonton tidak bosan.
    3. Keyakinan - bertutur berdasarkan pemahaman, jangan terpengaruh dengan pembentangan orang lain (mereka semua pun sama sahaja takut) atasi perasaan itu.
    4. Penambahbaikan - "practice make permanent" bila kita sudah mencapai 1 tahap yang baru, kita tidak akan jatuh pada tahap yang lama.

  56. 1. Try to understand the topic and do not memorize.
    2. Dress well for the presentation. The formal outfit is preffered to show the level of professionalism, personality and also confidence.
    3. Keeping the eye contact with as many people as we can.
    4. Speak in a loud and clear voice.
    5. Engange with our audience. For example, pose them a question.

    tips :

    Audience are not listening machines. We should treat our audience differently based on the topic being disussed.
    Most of our presentation speech will be forgotten. Smile and sound optimistic. So, people will remember that.
    If things go badly when answering questions, don't make it worse. Just be honest and don't be afraid to say I don't know.

  57. Assalamualaikum. So here I want to list out several ways on how to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching to audience. This is very important to guide me for the next PBL presentation since my past presentation for PBL 1 is really bad and I didn't think I got great marks. So here it is :

    First and foremost is well prepared. This is very important to avoid us from too worried and too panic in front of the audience. Or else, it will effect our flow of presentation and get he audience to be bored.

    Next is be confidence. Confidence is one of the key to avoid shy and makes us more comfortable to present something in front of the audience. When we confidence with ourselves, this automatically makes the presentation more interesting and audience will absolutely attracted towards what we presented.

    Apart from that, we should know what is the overall flow of what we need to present. This is to avoid us from being stuck in front of the audience and to avoid reading.

    Our point must be clear stated. This is to ensure that the audience really understand about what we actually talk about. The point must not be too short or too long. So, simple English language need to be use to avoid audience from being question if they did not understand any words.

    Lastly is in order to grab audience eyes and make them interested with our presentation is slide presentation. Make the slide that not too fussy and not too simple. Use custom animation to make it more interesting and avoid too much wordings. Use more pictures and colorful font to make the audience attracted with that.

    In the nutshell, there are several ways to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching. his is actually on ourselves on how well we prepare before the presentation started. That's all for tonight. Nite everybody :) Have a nice day :)

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  59. in my opinion...

    1)Should be dress up well to get first good impression..

    2)Time present should play with eye contact with audience .

    3) Must confident in front audience..

    4) Use interesting layout to interact audience to listen your presentation.

    5) Come early to avoid nervousness.

    6)Do not memorize or mumble .. your voice must louder and clear.

    7)Must know your topic well before present to your audience ..

    8) Your presentation must be smooth flow...

  60. im nunu want to share tips with ur all..lets make simple but still useful...

    - we must know about the topic that you are going to present to the audience(or else, we will blur at front)

    - good presenter must wear a proper attire and outstanding outfit (to attract our audience)

    - dont be too nervous, just relax and be cool..(even, there is a butterfly in your stomach)

    - when deliver our presentation, we must speak louder than usual (not shouting, but loud voice)

    - memorize the text???not a good strategy for a presenter. better if we make early preparation by understand on the topic

    - if we just read from our text, our voice tone will be flat...(like mr azmi said)

    7. JOKES
    - if necessary, we may make some simple and funny jokes..just to make audince dont feel bored with our presentation

    - since audience also student like us, so make sure we used simple english so that they will clear on what we are present..

    - during our presentation, we also can use material like graphics, pictures that will attract audience..

    - just be yourself in front of the need to pretend to be someone else...alright??? or your presentation will look like not natural

    11. ENJOY
    - finally.....ENJOY OUR PRESENTATION.....

  61. 1. be confident
    2. be creative
    3. be prepared
    4. be people with sense of humor
    5. n the most important, to be perfect presenter must practice..pratice..and practice!!!

  62. How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching..

    there are several things can we take to improve our presentation:

    1. Know what you are speaking about

    well. make preparation in what are we going to present, do some homework or research.. this is important because to share our knowledge and info with the audience, we need to fully understand what are we going to present in order to make our presentation is effective.

    2. Have a nice look

    we need to wear a proper attire or cloths suitable with our presentation. Wearing clothes in which we look and feel good makes us more comfortable and of course confident. Especially it is very important when it comes to women.

    3. Smile and be funny

    as a presenter, we should have sense of humor in our presentation. Few interesting and funny facts will totally wake them up and leave a good impression after you speech.

    4. Be confident

    I'm sure that this point might be hardest of all. But don't worry: if you are well prepared and have something interesting to say you'll be all right. Remember that no one is really 100% confident while speaking in public. And even if you made a mistake think that it happens to all of us.

    5. Create an attractive slide show :)

    do not create a very simple dimple slide show.. why don't we put some animation, colorful picture or something that can attract back our audience.

    6. make an eye contact with audience

    make an eye contact with all audience if possible.. and do not focusing on specific group or individual..

    7. The most significant criteria is preparation

    When we are all prepared and know inside out of what we want to present, it can make our presentation much such thing as pausing and panicking if we forget some of the point.. Always practice as "practice make perfect" can practice in front of your friend, your family and even in front of your mirror..

  63. how to make presentation more presentable & eye catching

    In my opinion, I think is the way we delivered the point such in confident way so that the audience is more interested to heard about what the point that we try to deliver it. We also must know what is the overall flow of what we need to present to audience. this to avoid we being stuck at a certain point that we don't understand.
    I also will put the graphic or photos that suitable and relating to my slide presentation and will make sure my point is not too much explanation because I don't want my audience feel bored+not understand my point.
    To make an eye contact with the audience, I should interact with the audience using the eye contact & also the body gesture,can try using the using the audio visuals as a additional to my presentation.
    hope is can improved my presentation skill more better....

  64. Salam..
    i would like to give an opinion on how to make a good prsentation n eye catching..
    Actually, public speaking can be very stressful. I know that whenever I get up in front of a crowd n although in front of my classmate too, I go through a panic moment. therefore, of course it takes a lot of discipline, practice and preparation to put on a good presentation and even knowing what you need to know can be hard.
    Here are some tips that I can share after I have done analysing:

    * · Do enough preparations 4 support material. It means that when preparing the material, we should keep text to a minimum n check the contrast and font size. It must not be too bg or too small.just let other people able t read it. N also use pictures to get your idea across. It can attract people to see,n so they will not feel bored.

    * · Then, other common tips that my teacher always told is, looks for ur body languange. most preferred body languange must be standing, walking or moving about with appropriate hand gesture or facial expression. Not be too cold but not be too friendly. If not, audience will feel like we tried to flirt n feel ‘rimas’. Plz maintain our smile.

    * · Speak with conviction as if you really believe in what you are saying. Persuade your audience effectively. N of course not read from notes for any extended length of time although it is quite acceptable to glance at your notes infrequently. As my lect said recently, “if u read from ur text, ur presentation will become monotone. N his example of monotone speech dat I rmmber is ‘ada sekor anjing dan kucing…anjing makan kucing…kucing makan anjing…’.”

    * · Then dis is the crucial point dat I get from internet. “Maintain sincere eye contact with your audience. Use the 3-second method, e.g. look straight into the eyes of a person in the audience for 3 seconds at a time. Have direct eye contact with a number of people in the audience, and every now and then glance at the whole audience while speaking. Use your eye contact to make everyone in your audience feel involved.”

    * · Then during presentation, we should not talk too fast n too slow so dat people able to catch up what we r trying to say. N at the end, plz end ur presentation in a proper manner. Respect the audience.

    BUT, NO MATTER WHAT, if we have a 1001 tips but lack f practice n preparation, our presentation will be boring n no excitement anymore. So, as a conclusion, enough preparation n practice will make our presenttion eye catching n attractive.

  65. Well, for make presentation more presentable and eye catching is based on how to deliver the words. Always remember to say out loudly, so that audiences can hear us. But, be sure that our voices are not too loud. Then, we should concern on the eye contacts with the audiences because the best communication can happen if two parties focus on that communication. People will get bored if the presenter memorize their words because when we memorizing, we seem to not understand on what we present. And also, we should avoid from not understand on what we present. Another thing to be concerned is our atire. The best atire is the formal one. What will people think if we wearing jeans or t-shirt when we do the presentation? It is not the good thing to practise in the working place. Apart from that, we must always feel confident. For me, the good presenter should not care on what people think about you. We should forget on the grammatical errors and whatsoever. Well...I think thats all that I can share with you on how to make the presentation more presentable and eye catching. Thanks~

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  67. Presentation Tips

    * Dress up formally
    * Introduce yourself in unique ways (attractive)
    * Do not memorize
    * Develop eye contact with audiences
    * Prepare fascinating slides without left aside formality
    * Avoid using too much words in slides

  68. Alhamdullillah, finally we finished the first PBL ( session I) presentation.....(^_^)...although the comments we received from Sir azmi that the presentation is rather tedious like "awan" which makes the audience feel sleepy (hehe),we remain satisfied and grateful for the efforts we made to produce the best.....however, we thank him for his constructive comments so we can improve our presentation for PBL II and beyond.....!!

    So we will make every effort in future to make our presentation more presentable, meaningful and eye catching.There are several steps to make our presentation more presentable and eye catching:

    * The presenter must well prepared before the presentation, doing a lot of practice = practice makes perfect...!! =)
    * Know and understand your topic very well
    * Use proper body language and eye contact
    * Have confidence in yourself and less nervous..
    * Use simple word and avoid memorizing...
    * Use appropriate and interesting slide and graphics
    * Wear proper dress
    * Be more smart and creative
    * Enjoy the presentation
    * Have good voice projection
    * Grab audience attention
    * Be professional
    * Smile =)

  69. How to be A Best Presenter????

    * use contrasting colors in slides to grab audiences' attention
    * do not use too much bombastic words (use simple language)
    * maintain eye contanct until the end of the presentation
    * avoid using useless words (ahh..., uhm...)
    * make your presentation natural (do not memorize)
    * end up your presentation in a proper way

  70. A Bored Presentation......

    * when just reading and reading from the first till the end of presentation
    * too depends on slide (left the audiences by their own)
    * overload slides with too much text
    * without eye contact and any body gesture. Presenter just stand still without any movement
    * speak in a very long sentence.
    * use confusing visual

    So... avoid from doing this in your presentation... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  71. I realize that:
    1. I should use attractive visual- try to be
    2. Explain briefly, slowly, smoothly-not memorize.
    3. Improve eye contacts and body gesture with audience
    4.Avoid audiences feel bored and sleepy.
    5. Improve my pronunciation-too 'kampung'
    6. I must learn by previous mistake

  72. how make the presentation more interesting?
    sy bukan la presenter y bagus tapi sy dah cuba y terbaik...i should learn more from this presentation. i cannot memorize what i want to present because if i don't remember even one word i cannot continue my presentation.. i should understand what i want to present.

    the next presentation i will do my best..

  73. how to make presentation more lively?
    firstly i want to share that when i present,i will feel little, to make the presentation better, i should prepare more before come in front to present.

    besides, i should not remember what i want to present, but i should understand what the topic that i want to present..

    furthermore, i should be more calm and should have i contact with the audience that will show my confidence and understanding about the topic..

    lastly, i want to make sure my future presentation will become more lively and i will try my best..that all from me..
    thank you..

  74. Salam..
    Well, in my opinion, the presenter must wear proper attire and well prepared. He or she must know and understand thoroughly about what he's going to present.
    In order to present well, the presenter must understand well so that he will able to explain and deliver his points to his audience..
    It's not memorizing the words that matter the most, because if you do so, you will get in trouble when you forget a single word while u're presenting..Therefore, it is not efficient for you to memorize every words that u're going to present, but it will be helpful for you to memorize only significant points and understand it well..
    Another factor that contribute to an eye-catching presentation is also the language you use.. It must not too hard for others to understand, and it is also must also achieve the expectation of your level..
    That's all I would like to share..Hope it will benefit the readers although just a lil.. ^^,

  75. nak "menangkap mata" audience adalah by using "umpan"..umpan yg sy maksudkan ialah, visual aids..without interesting visual aids, bg point ckp pnjg berjelar pun..for us as student, our lectures is the best presenter ever! sebaik mana pun rakan sejawat present..kalau tkder mndr yg interesting, jawabnya..masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri..beside, the presenter need to have very good tone, voice..kalau cakap sayu2 jer..jawapan die "bosan!"..pas2 lenggok badan mainkan peranan..sebab, sometime audience bukan mendengar tapi melihat..than, last thing is understand what we're going to DONE! all the best~~

    p/s : the best way is to practise..practise make perfect. perfect is satisfaction...

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  77. Actually many ways that u can apply to make ur presentation more interesting and eye catching.

    Now, i will list down that various number of ways:

    1) There is important to a presenter to has a good delivery.Good delivery means try to convey the ideas clearly, interestingly, and more favourable to the audience without make them become boring with ur presentation.In addition, ur voice must be heard by everyone.

    2) Besides that,u should has a good personal appearance in front of ur audience.What i know before this that listeners will look at us first before they hear us.So,it is important to u to dress up well in front of them.Of course u need to wear something formal and look comfortable as well.In other words, u must wearing something that is suitable with ur presentation.One more,i think as a presenter u should not wear the dress that is too colourful.

    3)Ur body movement also need to be considered to make my presentation more presentable.Before to start ur presentation,you must make sure that u stand quietly as u wait to make sure ur audience is paying attention.After that,establish the eye contact with ur listeners when u start the presentation.During presentation,try to not make too many movements so as to avoid the listeners loss attention to listen with ur presentation.

    4)Try use the visual aids to make ur presentation more realistic and attractive to the listeners.You can includes the interesting drawings,graph,charts or videos in ur presentation.This,actually can be done through the use of slideshow.

    5)Last way that i can mention here to make ur presentation more interesting and eye catching is through gesturing.Actually,the gesturing is something that is spontaneous.But, i think with this kind of body language the listeners will more understand with what u expin and still staying to hear with ur presentation.

  78. In my opinion, I think we must :

    1. be prepared what the main point that should include in our presentation.

    2. try to make slide shows attractive to avoid audience boring.

    3. always smile and have eye contact with audience.

    4. present in clear voice in order to make audience understand what we says.

    5. cool and relax while present.

    6. avoid read from the slides because it can make audience lost focus to our presentation.

  79. presentation...presentation n presentation...

    How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching:

    in my opinion, to make the presentation more presentable and eye catching we must:

    * before present we must prepare about what we want to share with others. we must know and familiar about our topic. it will make us feel more easier to deliver about that topic.

    * well will make us more comfortable and confident during the presentation..

    * say out loudly and clear about that will attract others to hear about the also will make them understand about what we want to share..

    * eye contact also important. not only with lecturer but also with friends..remember, our friends are audience.."mcm En.Azmi kater la..jgn pandang dinding jer..lg stu jgn pndg dia jer..malu la dia..hehehehe" dinding bkn dpt ape pown kalu kita present ngadap present to pndg la sahabat2 yg lain...kater nak share ilmu kan.."

    * for the slide..we must avoid using too much words on the biggest mistake students always make in presentation (include me), is in writing all the speech on slides.

    * we also must limit the number of slides. if we have too many slides, it will make the audience bored and don't understand about that topic..

    * we must make our slides easy to follow..that why slides layout is important...not too fancy..use color for text and background...

    * i think that all that i can share with all of you..

    i hope all of us can us that information as a guidance to do the presentation as well as in improving our presentation..Insyaallah...

  80. salam.. to all my beloved friends. as we already know, presentation really need a proper guideline and structural decision making while we do presentation. there is no matter about you can do or not. IT IS ABOUT YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE. a proper presentation need you to be:

    1)well prepared with all those material.

    2)only take the main point and summarize it in simple way. no need to explain in long story

    3)making eye contact

    4)do some funny or cute slide show to gain interest

    5) most important thing is, YOU HAVE TAKE YOUR BREAKFAST.

  81. ..How to make presentation more presentable and eye catching...

    Practise on a colleague or friend. Think about who your audience is and what you want them to get out of an effective presentation. Think about content and style. If you video yourself get someone else to evaluate your performance; you will find it very difficult to be objective about yourself. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

    Go into the presentation room before the event; practise any moves you may have to make, e.g. getting up from your chair to the podium. Errors in the first 20 seconds can be very disorientating.

    ~Avoid 'Blue peter syndrome'~
    Try not to over prepare. Don't rehearse the whole thing right through too often. Your time is better spent going over your opening and closing paragraphs. Rehearse your beginning and your finish. Pick a few choice bits to learn by heart.

    ~Technical support~
    Test the equipment before the presentation; get familiar with it before you start. PowerPoint and OHPs often seem as though they're out to get you, so make sure you're in charge not them.

    ~Visual aids~
    Use visuals to give a big picture quickly. Show them graphics, pictures, cartoons bar charts etc; you can then use words to elaborate. Slides with words on are of limited value. If you seem to have a lot you may find you are showing your audience your speaker notes!

    ~Be yourself~
    Use any personal gestures or vocal inflections to your advantage. It's very hard to change the way you express yourself. More effective presentations are ones where you actual put the energy into the presentation (this is a message you will hear again). Similarly, do not try to be anyone else or copy another presenter's style.

    ~Be Dynamic~
    This is not a flippant comment. We all tend to pay more attention to things that change. If you can vary the tone, volume and speed of your delivery you will hold your audiences attention for longer.

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  83. -improving presentation skill-

    Try to imagine a very happy time in your life. Close your eyes and imagine that time. What does it fees like, what did you see, what were the sounds that you heard. Now imagine the same feeling when you step down from the podium. I usually do this just before I walk on stage and it has a wonderfully relaxing effect.

    Stand up. Imagine that you are about to walk on stage at the start of your presentation. You will probably be feeling rather tense and you may be holding your breath. Unlock your knees, breathe using your tummy, rather than your chest and shake out your arms. You will find that it will be a lot more difficult to feel tense if you concentrate on improving your breathing.

    As with any skill - the more you do it, the better your performance will become.